Precision Line PL11 stainless steel

Make your rifle more fun to shoot!!!

Muzzle brake made to size for hunting rifles with unthreaded barrel, as low as 14 mm in diameter at the muzzle up to 22 mm.

For all caliber!

Fulvio Cenci Design

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Muzzle brake made to size for hunting rifles with unthreaded barrel, as low as 14 mm in diameter at the muzzle up to 22 mm. For all caliber!

Made in bead blasted stainless steel, with M4 torx screw made in high resistence class 12.9 steel.

The muzzle brake PL01 has a recoil reduction of 40% on standard calibers and of about 50% on magnum calibers. Moreover Hydra Armaments's muzzle brake is structured so as to reduce recoil and muzzle rise, allowing for precise follow-up shots and double taps, both for short than very long distances. The PL11 has one vertical stabilizer more than the PL01 model, that helps keep you more easily aligned with the target even shooting in standing position. The muzzle brake is also equipped with the hole for the attachment of the barrel mirage shield.

Fulvio Cenci Design

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stainless steel
sand blasting
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