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The choice of the material

Posted on4 Years ago

Sometimes people ask me be about why I’ve chose a specific  material for the construction of my muzzle brake in place of another one that have a frequency’s vibration more similar to the barrel’s one. Clearly in the opinion of those people the same frequency result in a better shoot placement.

Really I’ve not idea of how’s the starting point of this theory but I can suggest him to start to study a serious ballistic handbook ( I like the manual of Cristian Bettin on ammunition).

I’ve chose the material for solving the equilibrium between Functionality and technical request.

My project request a construction steel that can be worked normally and flex - deforming himself just for the amount necessary for clamping and adapting on the barrel.

In my experiments I’ve testes several type of steel and surface finishing also more hard and costly but no one will compete with the adhesion archived with the actual chose.

Regarding the screws

In a recent article on a specialized magazine  “armi magazine” the author spend some words about the type of screw that I’ve choose for the PL01-PL11 muzzle brake. After several test I’ve choose to use a (very expensive) screws made in A2 oxidized blue steel (or brushed if the brake is stain less steel) because I’ve found that the returning hot gas, that bounce back from the first blast room, in a long term period can erode and cut the normal hardened steel.

The stainless steel screw archive an inferior tension capacity but allow to the average shooter years of activity without trouble. The only think he must to do is to oil brush the screws when he clean the firearm after the shooting session.

The torx head’s choice arrive form my years of experience in gusmithing. In this experience I’ve found several hex head screws broken or unserviceable and a very limited quantity of torx head in similar condition. Last, but very important, the tox unit is univocal, the hex unit is split in inch and metrical unit.

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