To reach the goal

To reach the goal

Some years ago I faced the problem of recoil on my long range shooting rifle, a Remington 700 in 300WM mounted on a AICS riflestock.

Every single grain of dust fired in that weapon returned to my shoulder and a few shots were enough to bother me.

So I began to study a muzzle brake with a clamp attachment system that actually reduced rifle recoil and detection, that would not be fired away from the barrel after a few shots, like many existing muzzle brakes.

In addition to the geometric relationships and space, I knew immediately that it was important to maintain a proper alignment between the taper of barrel and the muzzle brake and which it was necessary that the muzzle brake should be made on size.

It was not easy especially for the time required to perform this operation with the right accuracy.

The study of the muzzle brake shape enabled me to optimize the recoil reduction while maintaining a proper balance of safety with the hole for the bullet, very important factor that significantly improves accuracy when firing.

I realized that I had achieved the result when I made a video of my wife (featherweight 50kg) while she was shooting with the 300 WM and remained almost motionless on the bench.

My friends, much better than me in shooting, (as Marco from Genova of whom I enclose one of the first target made with my muzzle brakes), gave me great satisfaction with their results and their moral support.

I still have my first experiments in the workshop and when I see them in my hands seem almost prehistoric, but they still transmit the spirit of those times.

Today I work on projects and other products, often in completely different fields from precision shooting, but I'm happy to market the PL01 in all their developments.

Posted on 07/14/2015 by Fulvio Cenci Muzzle brakes 9167

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